Protection of persons and objects

The Supreme Court of Nepal has played an important role in ensuring Nepal’s compliance with IHL, with key decisions on the grounds for detention and the legality of amnesties.
In Central African Republic (CAR), the cooperation between an armed group and the national authorities has led to the release of 18 detainees. Subsequently, the government of CAR acted on several occasions as a mediator for disarmament and repatriation of members of armed groups.
During the conflict between Sri Lanka and the LTTE, successful evacuations of the wounded and sick were undertaken by the Sri Lankan Navy, with support of the ICRC.
After the 1980 – 2000 conflict, the government of Peru established the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. In the following years, further measures have been taken by the Peruvian government to search and exhume the dead related to the conflict.
In the past few years and until today, the Colombian government and the FARC have been working, in collaboration with international organizations, on the demobilization of child soldiers and their reintegration into society.